How FoodFrogs NFT is revolutionizing the Food and Beverage industry using Web3

What are Foodfrogs? FoodFrogs are a unique, limited hand-drawn 11000 piece 296 trait NFT collection that bridges the gap between the digital and physical world. FoodFrogs is the 1st NFT to launch a dual collection at the same time. 10000 pieces exist on the Ethereum network which can be found on Opeansea and the other 1000 piece … Read more

The cryptocurrency market earthquake

cryptocurrency market

We have severe shocks in the cryptocurrency market and stocks are falling because US inflation is falling too slowly. As a result, Apple is no longer the world’s most valuable company. The government bravely finds solutions to the problems it once created, and the phenomenon of real wage growth is disappearing from the economic landscape. Here are five … Read more

Our Opinion Editor’s take on what would happen if we could all afford a private therapist

By astronomical convention, the four seasons can be determined by the solstices—the points in the orbit of maximum axial tilt toward or away from the Sun—and the equinoxes, when Earth rotational axis is aligned with its orbital axis. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter solstice currently occurs around 21 December; summer solstice is near 21 June, … Read more

Psychonaut Ape Division to Release the First Psychedelic Ape NFT Collection March 30

Woah Jonny the mastermind artist behind all artwork BRISBANE, Australia – March 26, 2022 – A historic day in the history of NFTs will take place on March 30 when Australian Co-Founders Woah Jonny, Gengeth Khan and AP Spicy of the Psychonaut Ape Division will release their first official NFT collection. It is heavily inspired … Read more

Posnel Aristene: A Successful Versatile Social Media Influencer

Posnel Aristene

Posnel Aristene (born October 31, 1982), better known as Papy Marozo, is a Haitian American actor, Media Personality and entertainment reporter best known as the host Mizik Annou Live popular music video countdown show Rap Rocher, Pulsation & Hit Kreyol (Radio Planet Kreyol) 2003 until 2009. He was the co-anchor of Pulsation from 2009 to … Read more

Picuki: Best Instagram Editor and Viewer for Stories, Posts and Tags Online.


Picuki is an app for editing and viewing Instagram photos. Picuki lets users view Instagram stories, followers, profile pictures, posts, tags, and their location. Additionally, It can also be used to edit these elements. It is a free web-based tool. It is also possible to upload Instagram photos directly to it and share them with … Read more

LorenzoTheGawd announces new Sponsorship Deals!

Lorenzo Garcia, Artist and Creative Director for BlackSheepForever, has confirmed two new Sponsorship Deals for this upcoming spring season. LTG has already teased a few looks sporting OWP x See12 merch at performances and IG posts. The artist stated there will be some custom collaborations released very soon with See12 Productions and One World Peace, … Read more

ACE HAIR EXTENSIONS & COMPANY Now Accepts Their Favorites Shiba Inu Coin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and many more because of Coinbase!!!

Owners Shawn J. Dowe & Hady Lopez de Dowe are excited about crypto and love the seamless transaction process their crypto-paying customers get with Coinbase on their website and can’t wait to see what else Coinbase has in store for the near and distant future. They have also recently teamed up with Amazon to sell their … Read more

Hash-Rate Mining in Virtual Worlds: How META2032 Is Founding the New Era of Metaverse Mining

Billing its ecosystem as the next generation of the virtual world, META 2032 is merging blockchain Web 3.0 infrastructure, a DAO-powered decentralized community, and immersive metaverse experiences. Those are the primary features that most spectators paid attention to when the team announced its launch and other plans last week. However, there is one aspect that … Read more