High-tech cars will take everyone to meet the best automobiles.

Hi-tech cars, first of all, say hello to all my friends; today, I will bring you all to meet the best automotive of high-tech in 2022 this year to see the innovation of the car. Where has the advancement in technology gone? Today on our website has collected the cars of the future that are the most high-tech

Come to all friends who have studied the information of car innovation. In the future, each car we recommend lets your friends know that it is a world-famous car brand. All together which is a car that uses electricity, that is, to charge the battery instead of using the oil itself.

The famous car brand, each model that we bring. I can believe that many friends maybe know the reputation of famous brands of car models that we have already brought which the cars that we bring outstanding and the genius of the different mechanisms in the engine whole service inside the passenger compartment with modernity, which is the most suitable car In the future that has it all and modernity of high-tech cars that we bring this That’s not just The appearance is beautiful, just that, but the high-tech. of the cars that we bring have both innovation that can detect sensors of passengers and detect sensors of the driver of the vehicle as well and is a car to say that no waste gas released from the engine room even a little

What are the top 5 high-tech cars?

Because this high-tech car of the future is a car that was created. to cause air damage and the least natural and is a car that has gone through the design and research process very well which cars in each model that we bring have made its debut to the fans who have a passion in-car innovation We have admired each other and let’s see the top 5 high-tech cars that we have to offer. So to all my friends, get to know What models are there?

No. 1 Mercedes Benz Vision Ltr: This car is produced to meet the needs of drivers as well. which is connected between Machine drones and fit in with nature very well. This car got inspired It’s from the movie Avatar, and what’s special about this car is a self-driving car.

The electronic car was decorated from natural raw materials that are good ever In the back there is 3.3 Multifunction Just the movement of Pandora, which serves as a supplement. Reduce the car’s weight with a 100 kWh battery using biochemical cells. 100 percent recyclable Charging takes only 15 minutes only Can go up to 700 km. 4 electric motors Provide a total maximum power of 470 horsepower.

What kind of high-tech car? Is the ambassador who has feelings high tech of the future?

2nd place BentleyEXP100TT: This car is the automotive ambassador with the high-tech of the future from the land of the British to celebrate Bentley’s 100th anniversary is an electric car. The high-tech place of the future that took the form in the shape of a 2-door sports car. That grille looks sparkling from diamonds that shine from over a thousand LED lights, the car is 5.8 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, weighs 1.9 tons. use electric motor provide maximum torque 1800Nm Acceleration 0-100 in 2.5 seconds Maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour, up to 700 kilometers per charge.

This car is a very elegant car, which is the smallest detail that he has designed with this car very well. Make various brands of cars ever stunned with beauty and elegance in the passenger compartment and high-tech engine.

The cars that we bring are outstanding and have the intelligence of various mechanisms.

3rd place Audi RSE-Tron GT: Sport electric power 580 horsepower Accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds, can go more than 400 km per charge. Just one time how complete is it? by coming back this time It doesn’t just come to show, but it comes as a production that is actually ready for sale. Because competitors like the Porsche Tycan have already been launched earlier.

This car is designed for every driver to use in daily life. It is the most easily Typical Audi design. Emphasis on elegance dual motor power 4 wheel drive with the battery pack 96 kW.  It produces 580 horsepower. Support fast charging It only takes 20 minutes.

It can store more than 80% energy for a distance of 320 km. for that price, it is undisclosed, which can say that this model is definitely a popular car in the future because of its strong speed. And the quick charging of the battery makes people definitely interested in the production of this car. future car mood

1. 2 cars from world-famous brands

4th place: Audi AI Trail Quattro, a high-tech off-rose concept car that looks like a Mars exploration vehicle which is the front of the prototype car, the genus from Audi, inspired by a helicopter clearly 4 electric motors, maximum power 435 horsepower. 

The car is 4.1 meters long. 2.15 meters wide, can wade through water up to half a meter deep The highlight of this car is is at the front used without rose that comes with a multi-LED that can be installed on the roof rail which is in front of the car to illuminate further than before and can also take pictures to display on the smartphone in front of the driver as well

5th place PEUGEO Te-LEGEND CONCEPT: This Porsche model was inspired by the classic 504 coupe, blending modernity in harmony, close to the Godzilla supercar like the Nissan GTR, although the look is retro. but driven with an electric power lithium-ion battery

Provides a maximum power of 456 horsepower, accelerating from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds only. top speed 220 kilometers per hour Can go up to 600 kilometers per charge only go 1 time In terms of price and production, not yet disclosed.

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