Looper Games – The 250K Seed Investment Project Releasing Their P2E (Play-To-Earn) NFT Game With 3D Characters

[blockquote align=”right” author=””]Looper games ($LOOPER) is platform integrating blockchain / web3 technology into custom developed and open-source games to produce revolutionary P2E Games living on the blockchain.[/blockquote]

Los Angeles, California–(Newsfile Corp. – October 15, 2021) – Looper games ideation began. A platform with the vision of being the Google Play Store for P2E games where users can earn $LOOPER tokens after playing.

The NFT ecosystem is growing fast; faster than experts, developers and platforms had anticipated. A natural evolution of NFT’s is NFT gaming, where users can use their NFT art / tokens in-game and earn tokens just for playing. Although, still in its infancy this is where the market is shifting towards, and a lot of ground is still left to cover; which is where looper games comes into play.

The problem

Games take a long time to develop and even longer to integrate into the blockchain. With an overload of NFT Platforms, chains, and exchanges it’s easy for P2E games to get lost in the abyss of the crypto industry. Many P2E games simply get lost under the radar because they lack the visual effects, game fun, or simply don’t have the Tokenomics figured out to make playing worthwhile. Although solutions like HayFever are in-development to help show worthwhile P2E games, they’re not ready yet.

The Looper Games Platform

This problem is actively being worked on by Looper games. The platform aspires to be a one-stop shop for P2E games on the blockchain. With its goals of being multi-chain it can help bring together the disintegrated games living on less popular sidechains and provide a go to place for players to play and redeem looper tokens.

NFT Characters – With their NFT character launch soon, Looper games is the first P2E game that enables your 3D NFT character to be dropped directly into the game. Each player plays with their NFT and experiences the game in a unique way with NFT trait’s / attributes differing gameplay for each player.

Token Pay-out – The developers over at Looper games have a passion for gaming. The creators wanted a simple, minimalistic way that enabled players to redeem $LOOPER tokens directly after playing. That’s why as soon as gameplay is finished, $LOOPER tokens are airdropped to you.

Tokenomics – It’s important to remain invested in tokens that will keep their price without huge fluctuations. With the help of a lead DEFI developer $LOOPER token was developed to avoid huge price fluctuations by ensuring buy incentives and ensuring ample in-game monetisation strategies for healthy project reinvestment back into $LOOPER by the creators.

With a hugely successful seed round where over $250K was pledged, over a fifth of this will be dedicated to Marketing. After a call with one of the developers by the name of Fadi but better known by the alias ‘Neo’ after talking me through the technicals of the game mechanisms he stated “Marketing, Marketing, Marketing, something of equal footing to tech development”. Like all project’s a healthy marketing strategy is paramount to a successful launch and is something 90% of projects fall short on, so we may be able to expect the Looper games logo in a billboard somewhere around.

If you are interested in knowing more about Looper games you can learn more here:

Website: https://looper.games

Telegram: https://t.me/loopergamesp2e

Twitter: https://twitter.com/loopergamesp2e


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