Psychonaut Ape Division NFTs to Launch March 1st

A total of 7,777 Psychonauts will be released with 130 traits across the collection

BRISBANE, Australia February 14, 2022 – NFT artists Psychonaut Ape Division (PAD) will launch the Psychonaut Ape Division NFT collection on March 1st, which will lead holders through a whole variety of experiences.

A total of 7,777 Psychonauts will be released in the metaverse, with a combination of approximately 130 traits across the collection. The 7,777 Psychonaut Apes will find a new place to call home on the Ethereum Blockchain. Among them will be The Magnificent 7, legendary travelers of astral realms and extremely valuable for those lucky enough to discover them. Some Psychonauts will also appear as a bonus, airdropped to lucky random holders.

PAD holders become more than just collectors; they become Psychonauts. The division becomes a pathway that connects experiences and it starts at the Waystation. It is here that holders will begin to see the paths to be explored from unique, custom collections through virtual reality simulations, P2E games and an exploration into deeper realms of awakening.

PAD intends to follow the route laid down by other blue-chip projects by providing a multitude of value add-ons, from alpha insights to future drops and access to exclusive partnership projects. The more invested a holder gets, the more is revealed, from obtaining their briefcase to securing a room in the PAD metaverse lodge and beyond.

“We believe that PAD is the perfect project to be exploring this new frontier of the metaverse and all the possibilities it brings. Connection underpins that community and it is the connection that Psychonaut Ape Division will deliver,” said Giordano Giovanni from PAD.

“This wild ride is brought to you by a talented team of guys and gals ready to bring you the trip you been waiting for,” Giovanni said.

PAD is the first official NFT project for co-founder WoahJonny, an acclaimed artist for 12 years with an internationally recognized portfolio. Co-founder Gengeth has been involved in crypto and NFTs for years and understands the space and the power of a real team with a quality product and vision, one that PAD will embody.


For more information and to purchase a PAD NFT on March 1st, visit Psychonaut Ape Division can also be followed on Discord and Twitter.

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