Psychonaut Ape Division to Release the First Psychedelic Ape NFT Collection March 30

Woah Jonny the mastermind artist behind all artwork

BRISBANE, Australia March 26, 2022 – A historic day in the history of NFTs will take place on March 30 when Australian Co-Founders Woah Jonny, Gengeth Khan and AP Spicy of the Psychonaut Ape Division will release their first official NFT collection. It is heavily inspired by psychedelics with seven legendary 1 of 1 pieces of art included.

Barcelona-based Woah Jonny said what he loves most about creating this collection is that he was afforded the opportunity of truly bringing his art to life. “This will be the epicenter of a whole new era of psychedelic art in the metaverse,” he stated.  Woah Jonny specializes in both digital illustration and large-scale mural design with a penchant for psychedelic characters, bold colors and organized chaos.

Gengeth is well versed and respected in the crypto, NFT and Web 3 space, having been an active contributor for quite some time now and is often likened an “NFT connoisseur.” He brings his innate knowledge to this powerhouse collaboration.

AP Spicy is a traditional fine jewelry designer and manufacturer who brings her impeccable skillset to the collection by offering post-mint, custom-made-to-order Psychonaut Ape jewelry that is only available to its holders.

The launch is occurring at a time where the demand is exploding in the NFT market for ape projects once again. Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, recently acquired two of the other biggest NFT projects in the space – Meebits and Crypto Punkz – and released their coin, $APE.

The 7,777 unique Psychonaut Apes are ready to venture forth into the metaverse. Each is comprised of over 130 custom-designed and exclusive traits to deliver an astounding NFT collection of exceptional quality. There are also honorary custom PAD NFTs that are being created for partner projects and a few other project VIPs. Psychonaut Ape Division will reserve 250 for future competitions, giveaways, promos and partner collabs for post mint growth.

Each Psychonaut Ape will act as an entry into the WAYSTATION, which is the entry portal that is open to the public and its holders to share upcoming project launches and utility. The Lodge, which is metaverse integrated, is where holders begin to see the value in owning a PAD. It is here that holders are granted exclusive access to a multitude of member-only benefits.

For information and updates, visit the Pyschonaut Ape Division Discord channel at

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