How FoodFrogs NFT is revolutionizing the Food and Beverage industry using Web3

What are Foodfrogs?

FoodFrogs are a unique, limited hand-drawn 11000 piece 296 trait NFT collection that bridges the gap between the digital and physical world. FoodFrogs is the 1st NFT to launch a dual collection at the same time. 10000 pieces exist on the Ethereum network which can be found on Opeansea and the other 1000 piece limited collection can be found on IMX. The two collections will be merged as one big collection on Opensea this summer. There are 2500 females and 8500 males which makes the females super rare with the ability to breed babies. There are also Precious metal frogs and FrogGODS hidden inside the collection. Minting a Precious metal frog gets you 1ETH instantly for every FoodFrog drop and owning a FrogGOD gets you a percentage of revenue shares.

The unique thing about FoodFrogs is that’s it not like any other NFT brand that just uses a jpeg or pfp. With Foodfrogs you get to actually use the NFT daily and receive rewards and benefits from the marketplace. Owning a FoodFrog gives you access to an exclusive food and beverage community called The Kitchen. Inside the kitchen, you can network with everyone inside the food industry as well as attend live and special events. FoodFrogs is also launching its own exclusive marketplace called Cryptocuisine which will be centered around restaurants creating their own custom dishes and selling them on the marketplace.

Frog holders will receive rewards and benefits from marketplace sales and merchandise sales. Frog Holders will then be able to redeem their custom dishes in real life and experience the power of their NFT. Several restaurants and celebrities have now partnered with FoodFrogs to endorse the brand. There will also be a Metaverse experience where holders can attend live cooking classes and order food directly while enjoying the Metaverse experience. The FoodFrogs utilities will continue to expand as the company grows and will continue to reward its holders for life.

How to access FoodFrogs?

LIVE minting site for 0.06ETH for ETH Collection is

LIVE minting site for 0.05ETH IMX Collection is




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Discordfoodfrogs: Insert link here, please

Company name – Foodfrogs

Country – USA

City – North Carolina

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