Structured Data Services that bring your website to the next level.

Structured data has become essential in a modern SEO strategy. They are increasingly important following the almost daily evolution of search engines like Google in their way of collecting and presenting information on the web. 

How about discovering a way to take up more space in search engine results pages? This is possible through the use of structured data.

The competition is always tougher on Google, a study reveals that 64% of marketers are actively working on the SEO of their site. It is therefore necessary to keep abreast of new developments and, above all, to put in place the best practices of the moment to gain visibility. And some of them are particularly effective. Remember that structured data makes it easier for google to organized search to find and understand the content on your site and assess its relevance. 

Bruce jones seo will help you modify your website through their Structured Data Services that bring your website SEO to the next level. In this article you will discover the interest of this structured data for SEO and how to use it to drastically improve your SEO. 

Why use structured data in SEO?

During your Internet browsing, you have certainly already dealt with structured data, via the rich results of search engines. For example, the little stars that tell you the rating of Internet users, or the stock availability of a product or its price, directly displayed in the SERPs, without having to click on the page to get this information.

As search engines continue to evolve with each new update, integrating voice search, voice assistants and mobile search, your website could quickly find itself overtaken by events if you do not use structured data. . 

Clearer and more understandable content in the eyes of Google means that you are already more likely to be well indexed and positioned on the SERPs than your competitors who do not pay much attention to this point.

Add to that an improved visual presentation of your results (images, reviews, product information, etc.) and you are much closer to achieving your goal of driving more traffic to your site.

Thanks to the new way Google works and the development of the semantic web (a vision of the web where machines are able to fully understand the true meaning of data and the relationships between them to return better information in less time) structured data can help you get quick SEO wins with less effort. 

Indeed, having quality structure and content behind your website can help you show up on search results that you aren’t even targeting. Search engines try to give a better flow of information, and offer the best response to the search intent.

This means they search for information more intelligently across many more sources and can identify logical connections between different content. This is what allows Google to present more and more rich results on the SERPs in an effort to provide a better experience to its users.

You too can get a spot among those particular results by optimizing your pages with the right structured data services.

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